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Both loan agreements provide for early repayment without penalty. “2016 was a year of significant breakthrough highlights for VIQ Solutions in market diversification, new global partnerships and technological innovation,” said Mr. Pare. “We look forward to capitalizing on this foundation as we drive toward accelerated growth and profitability.” 2016 Business Highlights Became debt free before the end of 2016 through early repayment of two outstanding loans Began the transition to a SaaS based revenue model to increase recurring revenue and drive company growth Substantially diversified customer base to 40% law enforcement/intelligence, 40% judicial and a fast evolving 20% medical Completed non brokered, oversubscribed private placement of $2.1M to fund VIQ transition into secure cloud based SaaS solution provider, a key element of the growth plan Release new cloud based SaaS capture, management and collaboration platform, enabling customers to securely connect to the cloud instead of fixed servers Announced first customer on the new SaaS platform, the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council, on a monthly subscription basis for a three year term Awarded first patent protection for key high performance intellectual property related to an AV capture, management and collaborative web portal training and assessment workflow Partnered with the Department of Surgery at McMaster University using patent pending AV training workflow geared towards improving how new surgeons are trained Partnered with Nuance Communications for the integration of Nuance’s powerful Dragon speech recognition solution with the VIQ digital capture and management workflow Announced multiple capture and transcription workflow wins with law enforcement, medical and legal offices in partnership with Nuance Awarded a multi year AUS $2.1M/year secure transcription contract with the New South Wales police Announced multiple new wins in law enforcement in North America, demonstrating the continuing trend among law enforcement agencies toward strengthening their cybersecurity and operational effectiveness by better utilizing digital assets Announced new wins with hospitals and medical agencies around the world, including leading edge VoIP dictation and secure cloud based transcription workflows Announced new wins with leading US transcription providers for complete digital statement capture, storage, and transcription workflows that emphasize client security and privacy Announced expansion at country wide Scottish Court Services installation after an independent review called VIQ “the ideal blend of technology and expertise” Awarded an NAB Best of Show award with PESA for the PESA ACES CCM solution, an affordable, multi channel capture and playback system for synchronized live event recording and playback For more information on what is making the news at VIQ Solutions, please visit our website at . About VIQ Solutions Inc. VIQ Solutions is the leading technology and service platform provider for digital evidence capture and content management. Our secure modular software allows customers to onboard the VIQ platform at any stage of their organization’s digitization, from the capture of digital content from video and audio devices through to online collaboration, mobility, data analytics and integration with sensors, facial recognition, speech recognition and case management or patient record systems. VIQ’s technology leads the industry in security, meeting the highest international standards for digital/cyber security and privacy, including military and medical regulations.

Another eligibility criterion refers to the scheduling period of the loan for the readjustment of the introductory interest rate. Among these results, you will find lenders offering debt consolidation programs. These items range from basically new to ten years old and all items are reconditioned prior to being released. Probably most significantly, you may have to report to the lending company that you no longer have a consigner to cover you in case of default. However, most courts prohibit oral lease agreements as it is difficult to enforce and prove. It also shows that you are worried enough to have done the work to determine your ideal rate. What you want is to get a good deal, so make sure your lender gets away with it by lowering one fee while raising another. So the hapless borrower often falls in a debt trap.

Before you get to the point where deferment is necessary, consider calling up a pupil loan consolidation company. For instance, earlier this year I was having some trouble with my air conditioning unit. Secured loans are loans that are backed up by something of value, like a home or car. These loans were designed to afford parents and pupils access to a variety of student loans which is not available from the vast majority of lenders. If your credit score is below 600 you will probably find it difficult to obtain a loan. And important thing to remember about school loan deferments is that you can not apply for this type of help after you’ve already defaulted.